Life Coaching


  •  Explore your dreams
  •  Define your goals
  •  Become an expert in the tools needed for daily success
  • Discover more meaning and  joy
  •  Overcome health, financial, relationship and career challenges
  • Go from “good to great”  


Parent Coaching

  • Learn tools to manage the stress of parenting
  • Meet the unique needs of your child
  • Maintain your relationship with your spouse or partner
  • Find time and energy for your own needs
  • Learn how to let go of perfection
  • Overcome emotional challenges, from tantrums to teen angst

About Keyuri



Personal Trainer for Your Personal and Parenting Goals:

As an ICF Certified Life, Parenting & Emotional Intelligence Coach, and with many years of experience in the field of wellbeing, Keyuri is an expert guide and trainer for emotional stability and happiness. Whether you are seeking answers as a parent, or with your other life challenges, Keyuri’s compassionate and skillful coaching style will help you to overcome obstacles and attain your goals.

Unique and Empathetic Coaching:

Keyuri is fiercely committed to her clients’ success in both parenting and life.  She partners with you on goal-setting and implementing wise strategies, helping you to achieve long-term results in a safe, confidential setting. Through her unique and empathetic coaching, and using her expertise in emotional intelligence, she’ll help you to navigate through tough challenges and to keep your eye on the ball.

Contact Keyuri now and get the best support you can receive.