Child rearing is demanding even for the best of parents.  Sometimes, your geographical location can add to these demands.  Atlanta brings two challenges to mind. They are the schools, and "the Joneses".


Like many parents in other large cities, parents in Atlanta often face a dilemma of where to educate their children.  The debate over public versus private schooling can be perplexing.  As a parenting coach, it is not my intention to take sides. In fact if your goal were to seek guidance in making this decision and finding the right "fit" for your child, it would be my pleasure to recommend a brilliant educational consultant who knows Atlanta schools exceptionally well. 

As a parenting coach, my goal is to introduce a type of education that I believe both public and private schools frequently neglect.  That subject is emotional and social intelligence and the research proves that teaching it to our youngsters is vital to their authentic happiness and true success.  And guess what?  It can also help them to earn better grades!  Please read more about it in the emotional and social intelligence section of this website. 

Since schools focus more on an academic curriculum, emotional and social behavior are frequently disregarded until it is time for "damage control".   Parents who do not find support from their schools must commit to build or strengthen these skills in their own children.  This is where coaching can help. 

In addition to helping parents create efficiency and harmony in all aspects of daily family dynamics, it is my heart's desire to help parents to build the skills of emotional and social intelligence in their children.   If you have read that section of the website and have questions about how it fits in to your parenting style and how it can benefit your children, and for that matter your entire family, please contact Keyuri for a complimentary consultation.

The Joneses:

In England the phrase was "keeping up with the Beckhams" and here in the US, it is "keeping up with the Joneses"!

For parents, it is easy to decide whether you want to keep up with the Joneses or simply avoid them.  For children, this choice is tricky.  Their brains have not necessarily developed enough to make discriminating decisions but parents are in a position to help. (Please read the section of this website on brain development.)

Electronic gadgetry, designer duds, and the concept of "acquisition" have infiltrated our children's worlds.  Previous generations required that children "earn" material goods but today many kids seem to feel "privileged" to simply receive instead of earn! 

In her book "The Price of Privilege", author and practicing psychologist Madeline Levine, has written that "material advantage" in addition to other pressures is creating a "generation of disconnected and unhappy kids".  Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are on the rise despite kids who "have it all".  Dr. Levine and countless other experts are suggesting that parents re-examine materialism and affluence, and focus on teaching children the skills to think for themselves, manage their emotions and impulses and grow to become ethical, productive, and authentically happy citizens of the world.

These skills that children require and that parents can easily teach, are emotional and social intelligence.  The sooner a child can absorb these skills (before the teenage years) the better.  Please read the emotional and social intelligence section of this website to understand better how your children will benefit.  A certified coach can take your good parenting skills to the next level with a plan that is individualized for you and your children.  If you are interested in learning more, contact Keyuri for a complimentary session.