Congratulations!! You've made it through pregnancy and delivery, and "operation shock and awe" has finally arrived!  Along with melting your heart, your baby has the jaw dropping power to transform your world.  You may have had a birthing plan but do you have a "first year" plan?

Magazines and books including the old faithful "What to expect in the first year" are informative but often tell you what you should be doing without having a clue of your specific needs.  A certified parent coach can help during this miraculous but exhausting time by hearing your immediate needs, and helping you to find solutions that match your values and priorities.  

Here are a few of the areas where new parents find coaching helpful:

  • Taking care of yourself so that you can better care for your family.  (Not only does Keyuri give you permission, she encourages it and will hold you accountable to get your "down time").
  • Managing sleep deprivation, exhaustion and the grouchiness that follows.
  • Meeting older siblings needs.
  • Keeping your marriage or partnership strong despite the new stresses.
  • Managing all the advice givers. (Here's a secret... absolutely no one knows your baby like you do!)
  • Managing the "perfect baby, perfect parent, perfect everything" bubble.
  • Adapting to change and re-prioritizing your life.
  • Learning how not to compare your baby or your parenting skills with others.
  • And for mom... getting back in shape physically and emotionally.
  • Hey dads... don't feel left out!  There's an entire section devoted just to you!  (The incredible role of fathers).

Equally important is your attention to your growing baby.  You can see the physical growth from healthy milk and solid food, but you can't see the developing brain.  Every interaction that baby has with you and others impacts the thousands of new circuits that grow in his brain every day!  This is called neuroplasticity and parents are the first teachers to influence it.  It's never too early to start teaching your child anything from words to values!

Did you know that babies have emotions at birth? The sooner you understand how baby expresses emotions and how you can actually take steps to build baby's emotional and social intelligence, the better. This is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to a child.  Starting now helps to build a strong foundation that can last an entire lifetime.  Read more about it in the emotional and social intelligence section of this website.

If you would like to know more about how a coach can help you during this exciting but scary life transition, contact Keyuri for a complimentary consultation.