You're expecting!  CONGRATULATIONS!  Whether it is your first or fourth, the birth of a baby is a magical time.  From shopping to decorating, you have done so much to prepare for baby.  What are you doing to prepare yourself?  How realistic are your expectations? Is everyone (including books or magazines) telling you what to do?  How are you managing your fears and doubts?  What secrets do you wish you knew ahead of time? People aren't kidding when they say a new baby will change your world in ways you never imagined.  As a Certified Coach, this is where I hope to help.  Knowing what's coming ahead of time and preparing a strategy can make a huge difference.  Instead of a grouchy, sleep deprived war zone, you can assure yourself a peaceful, joy filled home where all family members have their needs met.

Here are just a few of the areas in which coaching can help expecting parents to find solutions.  As with all coaching, each plan meets your needs based on your personal values and priorities.

Helping you decide about returning to work versus staying at home with baby.

Feeling ready....  really ready!

Preparing older siblings.

Dealing with advice givers including your "Aunt Gertrude" and nosy neighbors! (Secret # 1 is that no one knows your baby like you do!)

Handling visitors and extended family.

Managing exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

Keeping marriage or partnership strong despite all the stress.

Understanding and dealing with fears including labor and delivery, postpartum depression, bonding with baby, and childhood disorders.

Adapting to change and re-prioritizing your life.

Managing the "perfect baby, perfect parent, perfect everything" bubble.

And for mom... getting back in shape physically and emotionally.

Hey dads... don't feel left out!  There's an entire section devoted just to you!  (The Incredible Role of Fathers)

As if all of this wasn't enough, there is more to consider.  When your baby is born, he or she will grow at a rapid rate.  You will see the physical growth, but you won't see the thousands of new connections that form in the brain every single day!  This is called neuroplasticity and it is affected by every single encounter baby has. There are many things that a new parent is encouraged to do in order to benefit baby and the developing brain.

Did you know your baby is born with the ability to feel anger, sadness and other emotions?  It is never too early to understand how baby expresses emotions and how you can actually take steps to build baby's emotional and social intelligence.  This is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their child.  Starting now helps to build a strong foundation that can last an entire lifetime.  Read more about it in the emotional and social intelligence section of this website.

If you would like to know more about how a coach can help you during this exciting but scary life transition, contact Keyuri for a complimentary consultation.