It's unanimous!  Experts agree and research proves that a loving and nurturing father has a profoundly positive impact on the life of a child.  This relationship begins in infancy and continues through all the developmental stages to last a lifetime.  

Kids who have quality time with their dads are more likely to show benefits emotionally, socially, and academically than those with dads who are not emotionally present.  A wonderful bonus is that "mom" benefits too.  Your paternal instincts balance and support her maternal ones, and with your combined efforts, you can cultivate an environment in which your children thrive... and your partnership does too!

Two key words for dads (as well as moms) are "quality time".  This can be a challenge when meeting the demands of work outside of the home.  How do you balance your personal and career needs with those of your family?

Here are just a few of the areas in which fathers find solutions from the power of coaching.  It is important to note that there are no "one size fits all" approaches.  Each solution is customized based on your unique needs and value system.

  • Understanding how a father impacts each of a child's developmental periods.
  • Balancing career and family demands.
  • Tapping in to your emotional health to build it in your kids.
  • Learning about the different parenting styles and choosing the one that best allows your family to flourish.
  • Communicating in ways that boost your relationship with your kids.
  • Managing the competitive world of little league and school sports.
  • Disciplining effectively by setting limits and consequences and enforcing them with consistency.  (Here's a secret... This is hard for lots of parents but your kids actually want it!)
  • Optimizing the parenting collaboration with your wife.
  • Maintaining the "before kids" relationship with your wife.
  • Building emotional and social intelligence in your children (please read this section of the website to understand why research proves this is vital for children).
  • Growing the father-child bond with sons and daughters alike.

If you are interested in learning more about how a parenting coach can positively impact you and your family, contact Keyuri for a complimentary consultation.