·       Redefine the burden of staying healthy

·       Stick to a medical regime or diet

·       Stop smoking

·       Kick unhealthy habits

·       Manage weight loss with positive emotion

·       Discover a healthy body image

·       Think through plastic surgery

·       Teach your children healthy habits and body image

·       Assess the best next steps for you and your lifestyle

·       Trust yourself with medical decisions for you and your children

·       Deal with “negative” emotions

·       Decrease anger with children, spouses, colleagues, and even other drivers

·       Stop living for everyone else

·       Manage the stress of planning happy events like a marriage or holidays

·       Become more patient

·       Learn to say “no” to school, community, and work requests

·       Find the courage to schedule time for “me” and “us”

*Keyuri works with you from an emotional perspective on health, and does not give medical advice.