Ahhh! What can I say about Keyuri; I have been in the consulting and coaching business for over 15 years and when I need a coach I call on Keyuri. These are the reasons why; Her intuition and insights are clear, her focused ability to keep me on track, her ability to help me clarify what I want and don't want, and she helps me to understand the reasons I am stuck from moving forward that seems to come so easy for her to do. Her presence and essence opens a doorway into my consciousness when it feels closed down and inaccessible. I'm off and running on my path again! Thanks Keyuri!  SSM


I hired Keyuri when I was in the process of studying to become a life coach myself. Talk about humbling and empowering all at the same time! The natural and personable style that she used to help me step into my best self was amazing. She helped me find my confidence and define my direction. I also asked her to coach me around my relationship with one of my sons. The new perspective surrounding my son's emotional intelligence has not only changed our relationship, it has positively impacted my entire family. I would not be standing so proudly in my accomplishments and my life in general these last nine months if it weren't for Keyuri and her coaching. I will be forever grateful.  TK


"I felt very connected to Keyuri since our first call.  During our time together, her positivity, sincerity, and support guided me through some difficult emotional times with my family and gave me tools to structure and regain my life.  Each week gave me the building block I needed to connect with each of my children and husband.  Keyuri truly cared for me and helped me regain the confidence I needed to be myself again."--- J.C.


I strongly recommend that anyone needing a wonderful, qualified life coach speak with Keyuri Joshi.  She is incredibly warm and has a great spirit.  I feel really connected to her and she truly helped me change my life.  Change can be scary, so to be able to talk with someone who made it manageable, fun and exciting for me was awesome.  Keyuri helped me understand that I bring so much to the table, and that I can use my best traits to succeed in this world. She not only gave me helpful ideas, but great alternatives that I hadn’t considered before. She gave me the extra push I needed to implement life changing decisions that are working out beautifully for me.   S. Jones.


Dear Keyuri,  I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed our coaching sessions.  I found myself excited about sharing my successes.  You helped me to realize dreams I did not know I had hidden in my heart. Your intuitive ability to see those dreams and help me see them was incredible.  I can't remember feeling so alive and engaged in my life and family.  Again, thanks for opening a new door for me to experience life. ---Kevin W.


"During our coaching sessions, Keyuri was able to help me focus on what I really wanted and helped me recognize and break through what was holding me back from success with my family as well as with my work.  She was able to challenge my assumptions and perspectives provoking new ideas enabling me to find new and exciting possibilities for action."  ---Charlene V.


"Keyuri is one of the most genuine individuals that I have had the pleasure to be associated with in the coaching field. She recognizes the value in self assessment and inquiry and embraces positive change. Keyuri demonstrates a commitment to a powerful values system, which guides her as a wife, mother, friend and coach. I highly recommend Keyuri to all those interested in engaging a professional who is caring, dedicated and passionate about helping families succeed!"  John L.


"Keyuri's warmth, patience, compassion and personal experience coupled with her coaching style really helped me evaluate the things that were holding me back from taking the necessary action to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. In addition, her insight, passion, and knowledge as a parenting coach in today's challenging and changing world is essential and highly valuable to any parent today!" Debbie T.


Keyuri volunteered her time to come and speak with the women at our domestic violence support group for South Asian women. Keyuri made time for each of them and we got rave reviews from the women who attended.   They wanted her to come back. She came across as non judgmental and supportive.  We continue to get great feedback months after she attended.  We are looking forward to having her come back. Thanks Keyuri for making time to work with the women we serve!  A.B.


"Keyuri is an exceptional expert and coach in parenting. Her highly developed skill set allowed me to move through my personal conflict with lightening speed. Assisting me in my choices and action plan in moving forward at a critical time in my life truly paid off for me. She is consistent, reliable and she has incredible integrity."--- SS


Keyuri is one of the warmest, thoughtful, and level headed people I’ve met in quite some time. Keyuri came to my aid after my engagement was called off, right before the wedding. Rather than allow me to be overcome with grief and sadness, Keyuri empowered me to evaluate the relationship and myself, and ask myself some difficult questions. I was not only able to overcome this sudden change in life, but emerge from it stronger than I had been in years—all with Keyuri’s guidance.  M.K.


I had the pleasure of being coached by Keyuri. She is very supportive, asks powerful questions, and makes insightful observations. She has a keen ability to listen deeply and help others discover their true strengths and desires. Her expertise in the parenting field is tremendous. I highly recommend Keyuri for personal and parenting coaching.  V.K.